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The wines from Marqués del Real Tesoro, Valdespino and Manzanilla "La Guita" are aged and produced in the area of Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, which Denomination of Origin is granted and protected by the Sherry Board.

The Estevez Group is the owner of more than 800 ha of vineyards in this area. A great percentage of our vineyards are located inside the famous "Pago de Macharnudo", which is one of the best vineyards grounds of the D.O. Jerez. Vineyards such as "El Majuelo", "La Riva", "La Pava", "Ardila", "Cerrón Alto", "Cerrón Bajo", "Belen", "La Hortelana", "Los Arcos" or "Sabel" belong to this famous area of the best Superior Sherry.

Our "Fino Inocente" and "Amontillado Tio Diego" also come from this "Macharnudo" area. The grape for these wines comes from the vineyard "Macharnudo Alto". The sherry produced from the grapes of this vineyard is paler and gets its reputation due to its delicate almond bouquet and its light and dry palate.

The soil of this area is characteristic due to its white sand, called "albariza", an organic soil rich in calcil carbonate, silica and clay. In less proportion grounds of sand and mud are also found.