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Jerez de la Frontera. España
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Our Breed

Another symbol of the Estevez Group is the horse. The Real Tesoro Stud, with more than 30 Pure Bred black Spanish horses, is the result of exacting selection in order to recover rare genealogic lineage of Pure Bred Spanish Horse. All our horses Spanish Pure Breds and are either black or chestnut.

Currently, the Stud is working with young stallions, produced by us from selected stallions through years of breeding to achieve tall horses with good physique, movement and beauty. These horses are all named after our wines.

The Stud is composed of more than 30 horses, mares and stallions, besides other breeding mare which are sold each year.

Our Spanish draught horses are of an extraordinary quality, and these horses are treat with a special affection since their most frequent activity is pulling carriages.

The Real Tesoro Stud has won several important prizes and each year participates in the Spanish Pure Breed Championship of Spain (PRE) which takes place in the International Horse Fair (SICAB) where our Stud has been finalist in the last two years.