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Alcohol by volume:  35.00°

Format: 700 cc.


Delight in a hypnotic experience! Tchay Exotic Whisky is a smooth blend of whiskies mingled with exotic spices and a delicate note of tea. A hypnotic experience which transports you straight to the heart of India. Balanced, versatile, beguiling. It is wonderful for the Karma. Try it. How to enjoy it The exotic flavour of Tchay combines perfectly with lemon, lime and cola mixers as well as energy drinks. It is also great on its own in shots. Discover how versatile it is Tchay is extremely versatile. Enjoy its exotic flavour solo or with your favourite mixers or juices. Here are some practical tips: With lime or lemon: Mixing Tchay with lime or lemon is unbeatable. Add some ice cubes to a large goblet then add a slice of lime or lemon, or a twist of peel, and a measure of Tchay. Finally top up your exotic blend with a lime or lemon mixer. This is ideal with a citrus flavoured shisha. With cola: Mix yourself a totally exotic classic. Take a large goblet and add plenty of ice, add a slice of lemon or orange, a measure of Tchay and then the cola. This mix is perfect for enjoying with a vanilla or lemon flavoured shisha. With energy drinks: Spending all night out with friends is good Karma. Put some ice and some Tchay in a goblet or highball glass then stir in your favourite energy drink. The perfect finishing touch is without doubt a liquorice flavoured shisha. Shots: Are you ready to get spiced up? Take a chilled shot glass, add chilled Tchay and enjoy a cinnamon or lemon flavoured shisha with it.